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Leah Starr's Revenge

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Leah Starr’s Revenge is a riveting story that reads at a pace faster than pages can be turned. Detective Leah Starr survived intense tragedy when she was just fourteen. Her parents were murdered by a prominent mafia family and Leah was left devastated and alone. She confronts her most frightening issues in Leah Starr’s Revenge, right down to the morbid knowledge that her only way out will be paved with blood. As Leah matured, her heart grew colder towards the career killers who murdered her parents. Now, her mind is made up that these punks have to pay, and at twenty-one, she’s got the body, brains, and soul of a woman primed for revenge. With her partner, Life Parker, a mysterious figure on the run, she avenges her parents’ deaths by catching every living being who was affiliated with the mafia family.
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