Montice 'BW' Harmon

Montice Harmon (born December 24, 1985, in Moultrie, GA) is an American author, poet and spoken word artist. He is known for his fictional children's book, The Adventures of Angus the Mouse. Harmon also wrote Fefe The Pup: How Fefe Met Beth, Expressions of Poetry, BossWriter Magazine, and his latest release, A Day at the Circus.

Harmon is also known to his readers as BoSsWRiTeR, his pseudonym. Under this name he has released bestselling titles such as Leah Starr's Revenge series and his latest release, The King & Queens of New York, Released November 30, 2013


Born: Montice La'Run Harmon

December 24, 1985

Other names: BoSsWRiTeR, Voice of Poetry
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Innovator
Years active: 2000-Present
Home town: Moultrie, Georgia United States
Children: 0
Degrees: Journalism & Mass Communication
Publisher: BoSsWRiTeR Publishing - 2010/Present
Networth: $2.7 Million Dollars
Labels: BoSsWRiTeR EnT - 2010/Present

BoSsWRiTeR Is Born:

At the tender age of twelve, Montice gained an everlasting love for poetry, along with captivating spoken word music influenced by R&B, Pop, Jazz and Hip Hop. Into his freshman year of high school, Harmon's passion writing poetry and short stories began and became his number one priority. Even though poetry took the front seat, Harmon explored his gifts and took it a step further writing mini comic scripts in his notebooks, along with poetry, music and books by the age of sixteen. He later went on to write over four thousand poems and poetry, publishing many of them on between 2000-2005, winning multiple awards like editor's choice, poem of the month/Year on many occasions along with other competition awards.

By the time Montice Harmon was ready to graduate from high school at the age of seventeen, he had already made a name for himself as a writer in the entertainment business and decided to focus his attention on graduating and taking his writing further with his first novella entitled, Lost Without a Mind," a story about struggling teens finding their way through the pressures of dealing with life, sex and drugs. Harmon stated the story also reflected on domestic violence and wanted the book itself to empower those battling with domestic violence. Especially the youth. Later into the story he gave the book to his English teacher to read, edit and return. However, that was the last time he saw the story. She became sickly and later passed away of cancer before returning the manuscript. That did not stop Montice from writing, but somehow life took the lead in his life soon after high school in 2004. At 23, in 2007, he finally completed four novels and a children's book we know today as a bestseller, "The Adventures of Angus the Mouse."


The Adventures of Angus the Mouse

In 2010, Harmon published his bestselling children's book, The Adventures of Angus the Mouse digitally on November 12, 2010. The title became an instant hit and international bestseller topping popular categories on becoming the number one selling children's book of 2010-2012. Re-entering the top 10 peaking at #5 on Amazon Bestsellers List for Children's Animal books on its ten year anniversary, November 12, 2020.

The title went on to selling over 208.4+ thousand copies in the United States as of November 20, 2021, and domestic sales of 309.9 + thousand Worldwide.

Montice Harmon
Author Montice L. Harmon
Illustrator Montice Harmon
Publication date November 12, 2010
Published by BossWriterPublishing, LLC
ISBN 9782525389754
Publication Order
Preceded by
Released in Print on August 09, 2011
Followed by
The Audio book released December 20, 2017
Astoria Elementary

Expressions of Poetry:

By Montice Harmon, is a beautiful collection of semi-confessional poems that speak about the poet's trials and tribulations. The poems are a kind of motivation for depressed minds and discouraged people to rise above their problems and face the world with a positive attitude.

Most of Harmon's poems are prose poems. He takes prose poems to another level with this collection. The poems all deal with some aspect of the poet's personal struggles - his joys and sorrows - and they connect you with his spirit and inner mind. The title was released digital July 18, 2011 and in print November 4, 2012. Expressions of Poetry has sold over 88.8+ thousand copies in the United States as of November 12, 2020.


Personal life:

Montice La'run Harmon was born in Moultrie, GA on December 24, 1985. The second child of Darlene Harmon and third of Frederick "Rock" Carter.

Harmon attended Colquitt County High School, and studied performance arts from 10th grade on. In late 2011, he studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Harmon has no children and is engaged currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Legacy, Impact, Awards and Honors:

On January 24, 2013, Harmon was Honored with a note of appreciation by library Special Services Coordinator Alden Field, at Family Learning Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Harmon has logged in over 60+ hours at the Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr. Library for tutoring and mentoring young students in Elementary and High School.

On April 11, 2013, Harmon was granted another Honored recommendation at the Literacy Volunteers of Leon County. The Family Learning Center at Dr. B.L Perry, Jr Branch Library. Harmon has logged in over 120+ hours tutoring students in their after school program, increasing students grades by 20%. He has been a model tutor for them, bringing passion, professionalism and dedication to his work with his students.

On February 11, 2021, Harmon was mentioned in honor at Charlie A. Gray Junior High School for Black History Month along with other past premiant Black and African Americans leaders, making Harmon the youngest living figure from Moultrie, Georgia to accomplished historical accomplishments in authoring, publishing, music and film.

Other Awards:

Between 2001-2006, Montice Harmon has won over 8+ poetry awards from

In April 2012, The Adventures of Angus the Mouse recieved 'Parent Participation' award by Readers favorite. A month later tge title recieved a four star review by the same affiliation.

Between 2012-2013, Montice Harmon was honored and granted a certificate for his outstanding title "Expressions of Poetry." also, in 2013, the title was given five stars from Readers Favorite.

On May 6, 2013, Montice Harmon was honored a Young Writers Award for Participation in hearing and helping student's at Sealey Elementary School in Tallahassee, Florida, develop their stories. Harmon stated that every Child had a wonderful story to tell and couldn't wait until he one day read their published work.


Harmon has been written over 20+ articles for the Democrat in Tallahassee, Florida. His topics are about different activities in the community and entrepreneurship gratifying local talent.

Writers Group and Affiliations: TAN:

On June 16, 2011, Montice Harmon joined The Tallahassee Authors Network and has been a member since. The group of writers are also known as TAN. TAN is a network of published authors, unpublished writers, and avid readers coming together in one venue to learn from one another. Founded by author Barbra Joe Willams in September 2008. Harmon states Barbra Joe Willams was a good mentor and supports all TAN members.

Charity work:

On the behalf of BossWriterPublishing, Harmon donates 10% of book sales to Children Charities, communities and other activities. Montice is also a sponsor for the Ethical Treatment of Animals "PETA". advocating and donating to Animals for treatment and safety.


A list of all novels by BoSsWRiTeR, linked to from Harmon's official site, can be found here.

Year Title
2011 Desperate - 4 - Stardom (UK)
2012 Leah Starr's Revenge
2013 The Kings & Queens of New York
2015 Leah Starr: Millionaire Murders (Chap:1-50)
2021 Leah Starr: Millionaire Murders


Year Title
2011 Expressions of Poetry
2013 Who I Am: My Expressions of Poetry
2015 I Am Poetry
2016 Inspirational Quotes

Children's books:

Year Title
2010 The Adventures of Angus the Mouse
2012 Fefe the Pup: How Fefe met Beth
2013 The Adventures of Angus the Mouse (Special Edition?)
2015 A DAY AT THE CIRCUS:With Trickster The Magician
2016 The Adventures of Angus The Mouse (Audiobook)
2021 The Adventures of Angus, Vol. 2: The Magic Seed


Digital releases:

All digital sales are accurate as of September 9, 2016. All sales are from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Book Tango, Itunes, Google Books, and Kobo Books, etc. Included are other online/offline sales from retailers which are included in world wide sales. Majority of data is collected from Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo Books, etc.

Release Date US/UK/EUR/W/Peak Title Format Sales
November 12, 2010 #1-US



The Adventures of Angus the Mouse Ebook






July 18, 2011 #5-US



Expressions of Poetry Ebook






March, 2011 #13-US



Desperate 4 Stardom Ebook 4,8k



May 20, 2012 #34-US



BossWriter Magazine Ebook





July 20, 2012 #2-US



Leah Starr's Revenge Ebook





December 1, 2012 #18-US



Fefe the Pup: How Fefe met Beth Print 28.6k



October 18, 2013 #7-US



Who I Am : My Expressions of Poetry Ebook 14.2k



November 11, 2013 #2-US



The Kings & Queens of New York Ebook





March 3, 2015 #9-US



I Am Poetry : A Personal Poetry Collection Ebook 10k



March 17, 2015 #27-US



A Day at the Circus Ebook 15k



November 2015 #2-US



Leah Starr: The Millionaire Murders

(Sample Chapters 1-50)

Ebook 19.1k



July 2016 #5-US



Inspirational quotes: Vol, 1 Ebook





December 20, 2016 #3- US



The Adventures of Angus the Mouse Ebook





Upcoming digital book releases:

Release Date Title Format
July 2021 The Millionaire Murders Ebook


Released music:

Album Title US Peak Spkn Wrd UK Peak Spkn Wrd GER Peak Spkn Wrd Album Details US



Who I Am #3 #8 #16
Feb 12, 2013
Label: BoSsWRiTeR EnT (#)
Formats: LP, Digital, CD
33.3k Physical
Eclipse #1 #2 #5
Aug 21, 2017
Label: BoSsWRiTeR EnT (#)
Formats: Digital
List of albums, with selected digital Indie chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications



R&B [7]


Spkn - Word

















Who I Am
Feb, 11 2013
16 3 33 56 9 91 121 17 1 US: 10.5M


Who I Am : The Mixes
71 92 68 34 ----- US: 31.4k

World: 93.8k

13 1 19 23 6 11 9 12 3 - US: 15.1M



The Mixes

2018 23 4 55 107 48 67 20 82 64 11 US: 46.7k

World: 68.7k



Album details Peak chart positions Certifications Streams



Spkn - Word

















Love and Lessons May 2015 12 2 31 7 46 33 9 ----

US: 85.3k


Solar Eclipse December 8, 2018 3 9 22 19 48 37 78 - - 22 - US: 33.8K

World: 45.4k

Solar Eclipse: The Ult Mixes December 18, 2018 9 11 - - - - - - - 13 - US: 47.9k

World: 67.6k

I'm Here & I'm Bad May 5, 2020 2 2 9 30 8 US: 146.3k

World: 163.5k


 singles, with selected indie digital chart positions
Title Year Peak chart positions



Hip Hop [32]


Spkn - Word

















Time in a Bottle 2011 10 4 21 31 3 US: 3M

World: 7M

Who I Am
Who I Am 2013 4 2 19 61 9 1 US: 6.1M

World: 8.3M

Though My Tears 2 1 45 2 US: 2.4M

World: 7M

Living to Love You 6 1 2 8 11 40 1 US: 9.8M

World: 10.1M

Cold Winter Nights 2015 1 3 6 17 30 6 54 2 US: 2.2M

World: 4.5M

Love and Lessons
Take My Hand (Come wit Me) 2015 4 2 12 9 21 5 38 2 US: 906.965

World: 2M

Love and Lessons 
Sad and Lonely 2015 1 1 4 6 5 - 3 10 32 1 US: 362.112

World: 712,526

Love and Lessons

I Gave.. (A F*ck About You)









Gotta Be.. (Betta Dayz) 2017 13 25 11 US:




Take A Ride With Me 2017 2 1 5 8 3 87 4 7 27 1 US:




Forever My Love 2017 6 7 11 10 US:





Upcoming music releases:

Release Date Title Label/Group Genre
February 2021 Love & Lessons Vol. 2 B. W. Ent/Sugo Music Group Spkn - Word, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop
2021 Stardust BossWriterEnt Spkn - Word, Hip Hop


City State Name Date Year
ATL GA The Who I Am Tour May -Dec 2012-14
ATL GA The Love and Lessons Tour Jan 3, 2016 2016-17
Tally FL The Eclipse Tour Oct 2017- Dec 2018 2017-18
ATL GA I Am Here: The Tour! Dec 18, 2018 Dec 2018
Montice Harmon Music
Studio albums 2
Compilation albums 1
EPs 3
Singles 12
Album appearances 3
Soundtrack appearances 1
Playlist Placements 50.3k

Radio Credits

Year Location Station Date
2011 Moultrie, GA WHTV 3.12.11
2011 Moultrie, GA WHTV 4. 23.11
2012 Tallahassee, FL WFSU 9. 13.12
2013 Tallahassee, FL WFSU 4. 25.13
2013 Tallahassee, FL WFSU 6. 05.13
2014 Atlanta, GA Reggae Se 4. 19.14


 The Voice of Poetry

Poetically, Harmon's music his evolved since he debuted in 2010, at the age of 24. He developed a “good boy” image with a “hip-yet-wholesome” appeal. At the beginning of his career, he often cited Brandy Norwood as his biggest musical inspirations, with Norwood being his most prominent and personal influence. Outside of Norwood, he has cited singers Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and Stevie Wonder as being his major vocal influences.

Harmon’s initial sound was contemporary R&B, heavily rooted in spoken word music.[2] His lyrics spokes of various types of love, life, and understanding from casual and friendly love to romantic and spiritual affairs. Influenced by Norwood and Jackson, he incorporated a ballad-heavy style and an adult contemporary feel into his urban-jazz sound for his first studio album Who I Am .[8] His latest release EP Love and Lessons  saw Harmon abandon his soft spoken like appeal for a more adult hip hop and sensual edginess. Along with his image, his voice has gone through a major change, trading his quite like rasp for a now deeper and warmer voice that has acquired a somewhat throatier, smoky edge grounded in soulful poetry and now r&b. His previous music from Who I Am reflected the change, as songs like "One Touch" and "Living to Love You" explored more adult, semi sexual topics, and a sound that blended his previous urban-pop sound with heavy influences of garage, glitch, and electro-funk. Harmon voice that has often been described as low, soft, raspy, and husky by music critics and Harmon his peers.

Harmon's 9th Poetry Reading

Harmon release a third single from EP, Love and Lessons titled '' Sad and Lonely '' this month, December 31, 2015 [4] Montice also stated he would be touring in December, 2015 [5].


Title Year Film / TV Extra Information
ATL 2006 Film Pool Scene
Just an American 2012 Film Guest
Undying Love 2013 Short Film Rodney
Bessie 2014 Film Party Goer
Survivors Remorse 2014-2015 TV Church Goer/Airport/Basket Stadium
Being Mary Jane 2014-2015 TV Newsroom /Decisions
Element 2015 Film Candor
American Soul 2018 Film Dancer
Who I Am: The Rebirth 2019 Documentary Himself

Montice Harmon officially announced on social media that he will be starring in a major production film on December 18, 2015. The movie is set to release next year around mid summer [6]. In 2018, Harmon made his way back to television in September-November on the set of American Soul a spinoff to Soul Train based on the life and legacy of Don Cornelius.


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