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The Adventures of Angus the Mouse (Vol. 1) - Audiobook

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The Adventures of Angus the Mouse is a delightful children’s book written by bestselling author, Montice Harmon. Growing up in a large family, Angus did not fit into the family niche, and his siblings did not include him in play. On one bright, sunny day, Angus and his mother venture into town. He often liked to go off on grand adventures into the woods to see what treasures the humans had thrown into them, but on this fateful day, Angus would not return as normal to his mother. Once in the woods, Angus soon discovers that he is lost; he has a run in with an enormous black bird, befriends a rat named Sam, meets an old beetle named Edward, and encounters an evil snake. Sam is quite sure that his family does not miss him and is somewhat hesitant about trying to find his way back home. Through his adventure, Angus discovers friendship, enemies, danger and sacrifice. The author’s point in teaching children positive lessons from this book such as making a sacrifice for a friend and finding the strength and courage to go onward. The reader comes away with the sadness left behind by one friend, but realizes how important family is and how vital safety and rules are in a child’s life.
Time: 43 minutes.