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The Kings & Queens of New York

The Kings & Queens of New York

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Nathan, Aaron and Tyree are three successful men with intentions of getting their lives back on track, in New York City. Hoping to leave behind the flaws, and regretful decisions that once caused them to fail unaccomplished dreams, along with the women in their past. Now that life has given them a second chance, these men are determining to find themselves, and someone to love. However, finding it will not be exactly what they expected, but indeed, what they deserve. Little did they know, three Queens were about to give them more than they bargained for love.

Courtney, Gabriel and Delilah, are three compassionate women, who are successful as well, with intentions of finding the right man. The experience these women conquer with personal relationships, gives them strength to move on. However, leaves them damaged, torn and discouraged with regret of ever loving again. That is, when a bet between the three best friend’s surface and leads to a game that cannot be controlled. Little did know, three kings were about to give them a run for their love.

The heat is on, and these three women and men are going to find out it really takes two to love completely, and only one, to mess a good thing up. Will they mend to love again? Will love knock twice? Or leave them torn forever with regret?
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