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The Adventures of Angus: The Magical Seed (Vol. 2)

The Adventures of Angus: The Magical Seed (Vol. 2)

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The Adventures of Angus: The Magical Seed, is a delightful children’s book written by Montice L. Harmon. In this edition, Angus desires something more precious, something bigger than his love for adventuring. He discovers a new dream of becoming a human being not knowing his wish may just become reality as he is granted the opportunity of a lifetime.

Through his adventure, Angus discovers visions, Black history, gifts, old and new friendships, enemies, danger, sacrifice and what it feels like to be human. He learns to face adversity around him as he sees the obstacles Black and Brown people are oppressed with in America, while he deals with Epilepsy and ADHD. It becomes emotional for 9 year old Angus as he explores a new life with a new family. Will Angus regret what he wished for or will he survive to be the change the world need?
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