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Stardust (CD)

Stardust (CD)

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Stardust is the third studio album by American Recording Artist, Montice Harmon. The album contains 18 tracks that ranges from spoken word, Hip Hop and R&B. Harmon never fails to deliver raw uncut lyrics that speak volumes of life through every track starting with his hit single 'All I Ever Wanted' released as the albums lead single. The song became an instant hit topping indie charts and dominating the spoken word genre. Stardust highlights Montice as one of the most relevant poet's in today's music. The album landed on the top 100: Rap & Hip Hop Albums and scored the #8 spot alongside big names like Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby and many more making Stardust his top album to date. Here's a breakdown of Stardust playlist rating:


"All I Ever Wanted" is a great choice of opening up the album. A ballet that captures Harmon using his smooth yet, distinctive voice to sings his hopes of finding true love or keeping the love that he has. One of my favorite spokenword tracks from Harmon's catalog. "I Remember" is what sets the notch up a bit flaring Hip Hop and R&B lyrics that screams pasts memories that Montice aka BoSsWRiTeR isn't having anymore in his life. I love the songwriting, production and arrangement. "Tick Tock (1, 2, 3)" reminds me of a lullaby that reflects adult situations. Harmon shows a mature side of his poetry, more intimate and passionate. Takes me back to Eclipse. "Caught Up (B-Mix)" is one takes me back to Harmon's sophomore album with the original mix of Caught Up but with a twist of lyrics mixtures and layered like non other mix. I am impressed with his mixing abilities and putting it on the album. "Little Game (Lay With Me)" is another great mixture of two singles "Lay with Me (One Night)" and "Little Game" mushed into one track bringing back his original sound from his previous effort into a futuristic twist to love and poetry. Very sexual and intimate mix that takes you a fantasy ride exploring why they call him the poetic king of poetry spokenword as he citedin the lyrics 'I love it when you call me the poetic messiah' and we clearly see why. "I Can't Stop (I Won't Stop)" changes the way music and produced and mixed. The sound and rave waves that spin from hear to hear is incredibly developed like most of every track. "Poetry Gives" is one of most favorite spokenword based singles on this album. It takes me back to "Who I Am" with tracks such as Poetry, Who I Am and Thank You where Harmon shows a more vulnerable side towards life's situations and obstacles. Telling his listeners how poetry has set him free giving him clarity and freedom. Harmon always gives us a single that reminds us his roots in music. "They Don't Know" changes the mood and sounds off Harmon's alto-ego BoSsWRiTeR, bluntly stating nobody knows him like himself and pretty much he dont care what anyone thinks of him. It gives me his single Bad. A bold song that somewhat reflects his thoughts on rumors, lies and deceit. "Look Into My Eyes" is an interesting song because it ask the same question most Black people want to know when seen through the eyes of our oppressors. People who dislike another because ofthecolorof their skin. It's a powerful track that makes you wonder. "Tell Me (What You See?)" Is so important after hearing the previoustrack because instead of leaving listeners wondering. Harmon expresses the wicked ways of our country and how our images have been dictate and falsified. He goes on to express the generation of biblical icons as our forefathers. Which dates back way before those in power existed. I will have to say this is by far the best track in regards to the movement of black lives matter. "We Are.. (Generation of David)" continues to reference empowerment for black roots and the beginning of mankind. Yet, another powerful anthem Black people should appreciate along with "Black Lives Matter (All Lives Matter)" a song that sets the mark on the album for change in regards to racism, bigotry and prejudice in the United States and all over the world for people of color. "Fight for Love" brings the temperature down and reminds us how love covers all things. Montice give his definition of love in a most passionate way that opens your heart, your mind and your soul to love. "I Want Your Love" gives us a romantic tale about his personal journey in love. A heartfelt tone that dances over his lyrics like butter. A song that will make anyone want to be loved by the artist. "I Can't Live Without You" showcases Harmon's skills as a spokenword artist and vocalist. The harmony in his voice sends chills throughout your body. Giving you a taste of what love should be like in a relationship when no one else will do and your life is nothing without them. Very deep lyrics and sound. "Holding It Down (Freestyle)" brings a strong version of BoSsWRiTeR giving homage and respect to his fellow peers back home in his hometown Moultrie, Georgia, while telling those from past relationships, friendships and family who missed up in his life. There are no more chances. "I'm Here" allows both personalities to communicate back and forth about negative influences and negative people controlling his life. It is clear this song is his most personal and his liberation of freedom away from negative family, friends and bad choices. The album closes out with "Black Lives Matter (Ultimate Mix)" a mix single mushed up with "Fight" a single from his previous album. I loved the entire album because it was original, unique and one of the best spokenword albums I've heard since Hip Hop and R&B duo Floetry.

Stardust sets a trend that most inspiring poet's can study for generations to come. Along with the rest of his poetic collection's of music. Harmon has proven waiting on the album was worth the wait.

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