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Platinum Publishing Package

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The platinum publishing package contains two standard ISBNs (Print and Ebook), 1 LCN, and Book Cover. Also Included is three free international articles online and various offline news outlets. This is a six week promotional plan targeting social media platforms, website, and Google search engines, etc.

You have agreed to pay Montice Harmon a non-refundable one-time setup fee of $1,575.00 per title released plus state taxes based on marketing process as of the date of this agreement. To promote four titles by the AUTHOR/client in the registration process and to maintain the WORK in the marketing distribution database for a minimum of six weeks per WORK unless Author/client decides to add more titles or promotional services. It is required the AUTHOR/client shall maintain an active account with contractor in the terms of this agreement. Each title shall maintain an active status in the four year term. Any inactive paid promotion or marketing within 90 days will result in AUTHOR/client failure to maintain Work/s place in the market database.